River Of Dreams

Director: John Hughes
Year: 1999
Duration: 52 mins

River of Dreams explores the radically divergent approaches to ‘country’ between indigenous and non-indigenous people, conservationists and developers at Fitzroy river, in the ‘remote’ Kimberley region of north west Australia.

River of Dreams shows the implications for Indigenous people as developers seek to dam the river and develop huge cotton plantations. Aboriginal performance artist Ningali Lawford, who was born in Fitzroy Crossing, narrates this imaginative and rich account of differing visions for the future of ‘landscape’ and ‘country’ in contemporary Australia.

Production Credit

Writer Director John Hughes, Producers Donna Cameron and John Hughes, Produced by Early Works.


  • Winner, United Nations Award for ‘Best TV Environmental Reporting’.
  • Winner, Best Indigenous Resource, 2000 ATOM Awards.
  • Finalist, Best Secondary School Education Production, 2000 ATOM Awards.
  • Selected for screening, BANFF Television Festival, 2000.

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