Director: John Hughes
Year: 1985
Duration: 86 mins

In 1983 the Hawke Labour government came to power, establishing an administration of ‘consensus’, and was re-elected in 1985. The film examines relations of power and ideology, knowledge and representation during this period through a mix of fictional and documentary characters. Built around the investigative work of journalist (played by Carolyn Howard) the film winds through the labyrinth of leads, half truths and ‘traps’ of political rhetoric and intrigue.

Production Credit

Producer Director John Hughes, Writers Paul Davies John Hughes, Cinematography James Grant, Erica Addis, Editor Zbigniew Friedrich.

Developed and Produced with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission.

Review Clips

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“Traps is a surprising and clever film that paints a vivid portrait of the current political climate in Australia.” Sundance (US Film Festival) catalogue 1986

“A passionate low-budgeter… that has explored its subject just about as far as the law will allow”  David Stratton Variety June 1985