My Favourite Australian

Year: 2008

In 2008 Early Works was engaged as series producer for My Favourite Australian.

Early in 2008 ABC viewers and listeners were asked to vote for their favourite Australian, in two categories: ‘Popular’ and ‘Unsung Heroes’. Following the voting, Australian artists were commissioned to produce video portraits of the 10 Popular Australians and 20 Unsung Heroes.

The video portraits were included in an exhibition which opened at the launch of the new National Portrait Gallery, Canberra in December, 2008 and can be viewed on the ABC TV website.

The Making of My Favourite Australian screened on ABC TV in December, 2008 and can also be viewed on the ABC TV website.

Production Credit

Series Producers: John Hughes + Penny Chai (Early Works)
Production Supervisor: Mark Grisedale
Supervising Production Manager: Sue Brant
Production Assistants: Sophie Zoellner + Nisrin Khouri
Title Graphics: Lisa Stonham
Colour Grade: Simon Brazzalotto
Online Editors: Scott Mantle, Patrick Livingstone + Dave Garlick
Audio: Dave Perry
Archivist: Brian May
“Making of” Director: Stephen Burstow

Executive Producer ABC: Debbie Lee
Head of Arts, Entertaiment ABC: Amanda Duthie

Exhibitions Manager NPG: Christine Clark
Director NPG: Andrew Sayers

My Favourite Australian is an initiative of ABC TV and theNational Portrait Gallery.